Jess Connery Owner Photographer, solutions specialist, friendliness ambassador
Favorite Things A few things I'd hate to live without. Aside from my family (obvs):
1. Starbucks 2. iPhone and Macbook (I'm an Apple girl)
3. Lipstick 5. Lists 6. Stripes

Hi, I’m Jess

My Philosophy

I believe in personalized attention. Listening to and observing you before I click the shutter pushes me to create portraits that are solely for you and never, ever, cookie cutter. I believe that there is a right photographer for every person. The right photographer is the one that can help you feel comfortable, the one who has similar interests as you, the one you'd probably invite out for a drink or laugh over the same funny memes. I believe that photography isn't just about taking pictures. It's about a conversation between the photographer and the subject. I want you to always remember how you felt when you were photographed by me. 

A Little About Me

I’m left-handed, a middle child, and obsessed with snacks. I was born in upstate NY, moved to Massachusetts when I was two and lived there until winter got the best of me in 2012. We packed up our house and headed to the Sunshine State. In 2002 I married a guy who is the polar opposite of me and we’ve been riding the rollercoaster of marriage ever since. We have two kids (a boy and a girl) and an adorable dog named Biscuit. I read business books for fun, get really jazzed when discussing entrepreneurship, and have a heartfelt desire to help others succeed. I will take Starbucks over any other coffee any day of the week, I crave sunshine but burn easily. I am a champion parallel parker (thanks to living in Boston!) but can’t drive in reverse to save my life. Oh, and I talk a lot. 

My Photography Background

No, I wasn’t born with a camera in my hand. I didn’t know when I was six that I would be a photographer. I actually thought I’d be a fashion designer but that’s a whole other story that involves trying to make shoes and dresses out of newspapers. In fact, aside from childhood ambitions of being an artist, I never really thought I could have a career in the creative industry.  I went to the University of MA in Amherst where I graduated with honors and a degree in Marketing. Upon graduation I was certain my future would be that of a buyer for large retail chains like TJX and Macy’s. After several crushing interviews I tucked my tail between my legs and accepted my fate. I joined the corporate world of insurance and found that I had a knack for analyzing information and discussing details. I continued in this role until 2012 when my husband and I decided it was time to escape winter and move to Florida. 

In the meantime I took up photography in 2006 when my first child was born thinking I could document our life as a family. Photography was harder than I anticipated so I joined a photo club to help improve my skills. From there I became passionate with the process of portrait photography and in 2011 I left my  9 year long insurance career and started my own business as a full time photographer. I am primarily self-taught, meaning that I haven’t had any formal photography eduction, but between the internet and a LOT of hard work I was able to achieve a level of technical and stylistic professionalism that can’t be taught in a classroom. 

Raves & Reviews
Taylor Oviedo High School | Couture Shoot When I received the final photos I was excited and amazed, I never thought I could look so beautiful.
Jessie & Tommy Florida Aquarium | Tampa We could never simply refer to you as a vendor because Tommy and I both agree, you made us feel like you truly cared and it wasn't just another event in your schedule.
Bianca The Master's Academy I was really comfortable. I had taken photo shoots with other photographers but your photoshoot was so easy breezy lemon squeezy!
Trinity Hagerty High School My friends and family remain in awe with every picture they see as each one captures a different story, an original look, and my personality.
Katie & Zack The Crane Estate | The Berkshires, MA You didn't just take our photos, you told the story of our love and life together.

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