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Scroll down real quick and look at the first couple photos. Now come back here. Do you see what I see? A couple so into each other they exude affection. I have to tell you something special about this session. I have known Heather for almost 12 years (wut?!). I worked with her for a few years right after I first got married and she always used to say to me that someday she wanted meet someone who could keep her attention. Someone who would love her when she needed love and stand up to her when she needed it. But above all, someone who could rival her in fantasy football. 
Over the past 9 years we’ve somewhat stayed in touch via Facebook and when I saw that Heather had gotten engaged I was so happy for her. But, to be honest, I was curious who this person was that had finally grabbed her attention. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike for the first time in August at a Pizza shop in Connecticut. I couldn’t believe how sweet he was on her. Over a slice of pie this take-no-prisoners pizza fan would glance sideways at her so he could watch her talk. He would sip his beer and say something playful just to make her laugh. It was clear to me that they are the perfect combination. 
I am so thrilled to be able to photograph their love story to share with their family and friends for generations to come. As I mentioned in last week’s sneak peek, this is part 1 of their engagement session. I am so very much looking forward to colorful New England Autumn session to be photographed in October Congratulations Heather and Mike!

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