Senior Fusion Video | The Master’s Academy

Ok, so I’ve been a little shy about sharing this. First, I’d like to clearly say that I am not a videographer. And just because my camera can record amazing quality HD videos doesn’t mean I use that tool. In fact, I pretty much always forget I have it. But I’ve been really interested in fusion videos lately. The kind of videos that tell a story through short video clips and still images. On a recent senior photo shoot I decided to challenge myself and take video to create one of the mini-films. I didn’t tell my clients I was doing it and when I shared the video during their premier viewing and ordering session I was SUPER nervous. I think I may have even left the room. Well, turns out they LOVED it and inspired me to create a new feature of my senior portrait collections. But all I really want to do today is share that video with you. I look forward to developing this skill and growing in my abilities. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


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