Senior Portrait Photography | Oviedo, FL

I’m pretty sure that morning portrait sessions are starting to be my favorite. The sun is so bright and crisp it makes everything look sparkly. Including this decidedly fascinating young woman. Not only is she kind and well-mannered, she is intelligent, resourceful, and above all, generous in sharing her unwavering positivity and faith. 

This past summer Leah had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica on a mission trip. In speaking with her about the trip she noted that while she thought she would help change the lives of others over the course of her trip, it was her own life that would ultimately be forever changed. Changed by the culture and the people she met, but also by the confidence she gained she becomes an adult and learns what she is truly capable of. 

As a photographer it gives me such fulfillment to be able to photograph these students who are the cusp of adulthood. To see them emerge from high school mature and competent, yet so ready to absorb the world and give back more of themselves than they received.

Leah, it is an honor to have spent time with you and have had the opportunity to photograph your portraits during this important time in your life. I look forward to following your growth and encouraging you as you enter the next phase of your life.



P.S. My very first ever fusion video is at the end of this post, be sure to check it out!! 

Here it is! My first ever fusion video (a video featuring still and moving images).

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