There are so many things out there telling you how to feel, how to look. This is about finding your own path. Anja Rubik

Say goodbye to everything you thought you knew about Senior Portraits and say hello to fresh editorial senior pictures.

I hold the craft of senior portrait photography to a higher standard. I want to evoke a discussion on what is “pretty” and re-shape the belief that perfection is a definable concept when, in fact, perfect is different for everyone. I strive to be a catalyst for positive change, leading seniors and their peers to discover their true selves apart from public opinion and vain influences.

What do I mean by editorial? I mean that your photos will look like they came off the pages of a magazine, which magazine is up to you. We'll work together to plan your shoot so that it is truly authentic to you. The location, the clothes, the overall feel of the shoot will embody your interests and your personality.

Your senior portrait session will leave you feeling like you are not only interesting, but authentic, not only “pretty” but exceptional, not just a senior, but a senior with a story.

Everyone has a story, let’s tell yours.


The first step after you contact me is choosing which type of session you'd like. The sessions range from all inclusive where I help you every step of the way to basic sessions.

Session fees are just that, a fee that pays for your session. The items listed under each collection price is what is included in your session fee. The session fee DOES NOT include ANY photo products. 



• Creative editorial design

• Style recommendations

• 1 hour photoshoot
   up to 2 outfit changes



• Creative editorial design

• Virtual fashion edit and planning

• 2 hour editorial photoshoot
   up to 3 outfit changes



• Creative editorial design

• In-person fashion edit and planning

• 1 Hour outfit planning

• Professional hair and makeup

• 2 hour editorial photoshoot
   up to 3 outfit changes


What’s Next

Ok, so you picked a session level, now what? Two to three weeks after the shoot your images will be ready for your viewing and ordering session (VOS). All VOS's take place in person with all decision makers present. That means if mom and dad are paying for your senior portraits BOTH of them (and you of course!) need to be present at the VOS. All print and product orders will be placed at the time of the VOS. ANY changes must be made within 24 hours of the VOS.

What exactly happens at a VOS? The first thing you'll see is a slideshow of your final images. The final images are the ones I have chosen as the best of the entire shoot. The number of images you'll see will range based on the session level you chose, how many outfits you wore, and whether we changed locations. You can expect to see anywhere from 40-80 images. After that we'll open up your gallery and go through the pictures one by one, choosing your favorites. Once we've chosen favorites we'll start picking which ones will best fit the prints and products you've chosen. During this process you can consider me your concierge. I will guide you and advise you on which images I think will work best for large print, small print, products, etc. 

Last but not least, payment. Once the final order is decided, payment in the form of cash, check, or PayPal is due. No orders will be placed until full payment is made. That's it! Within 2-3 weeks after you placed your order you'll have your hot products in your hands!!