When he sees you for the first time. I'll be there
When you're blissful. I'll be there.
When she sees you for the first time. I'll be there
When everything is complete, I'll be there

Who I am

Hi, I'm Jess. I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Orlando, FL. I am originally from Massachusetts and regularly travel to the Northeast for destination weddings. I am also an artist, mother, wife, daughter, sister, light seeker, chronic list maker, business owner, mentor, sometimes runner, and so many more things.

What makes me different

I care. No, really, I actually care how you are doing on your wedding day. I pick up on little things that other people overlook, simple things like whether you need a drink of water or a 5 minute break. I care that your wedding day goes smoothly and I'll help you develop a timeline that allows that to happen. I care about your parents and your wedding party. I've also been called a solutions master because I can often see a creative solution to a problem. Because guess what? Things happen on wedding days that NO ONE can predict. While I hope that nothing happens on your wedding day, I'm there for you if it does. Ride or die baby, I got your back. 

What does “Boutique Photography Experience” mean

A Boutique is a small, exclusive business offering customized service. I spend a lot of time getting to know what you are looking for in your photographs. I customize the shots I take to complete the overall aesthetic of your wedding style. If your wedding is in a bright and airy venue your photos will reflect that and conversly, if your wedding is in a venue with dramatic lighting the photos will reflect that as well. 

What I do

I make photographs of you and your loved ones. I don't like to use the word "capture" when it comes to photography because that implies that the image has been taken into my possession. The truth is I do my best to set you free through the images I make. I try to showcase deeper personalities and moments, not keep them. I gently guide you naturally into poses that don't feel like poses creating sublty formal portraits while maintaining a real life element to your photographs. I believe in mixing traditional and modern photography styles throughout your wedding day to give you an array of images that will satisfy you now and 50 years from now. 

What I believe

I believe in personalized attention. I generally photograph between ten and fifteen weddings per year simply so that I can give your wedding the attention it deserves. Listening to and observing you before and on your wedding day pushes me to create portraits that are solely for you and never, ever, cookie cutter. I believe that there is a right photographer for every couple. The right photographer is the one that can help you feel comfortable, the one who has similar interests as you, the one you'd probably invite out for a drink (I'm a huge fan of craft beers and whiskey, in case you were wondering). I believe that photography isn't just about taking pictures, it's about a conversation between the photographer and the subject. But most of all, the right photographer is the one with whom you feel the most comforable being around for a good amount of time (like 8-10 hours, straight). 


Ok, here's where it gets a little tricky to be "boutique". What's amazing about being the #girlboss is that I can customize any wedding collection (cuz I'm like, the boss). I can offer a la carte photography for intimate weddings, I can add any product you'd like to a wedding collection. But you have to start somewhere. If you've been looking around for photographers you've probably seen all manner of price descriptions from "starting at" to "most couples spend between $ and $$$". As a business owner I've taken "sales" classes and been told that you have to "sell" people on your service. Well, I can't stand being sold to so I'm not going to sell to you. I've told you who I am, what I do, and what I believe. You've most likely seen my photos and might have heard of me through a friend or referral. So if you're here that means you already have an interest in hiring me. Personally, when I go looking for a product or service, even if I pretty much already know I'm going to buy it, I want to know the price. In my experience when a price isn't listed it usually means there would be four $'s on the yelp description. My prices aren't out of a normal range and I have no reason to hide them. So in an effort to save you time and frustration I'm including my most common wedding collections here. If you don't see something you think will work for you then just shoot me an email with what you WOULD like and we'll talk about a solution (remember? Solutions master right here). 


Package 1


• 5 hours of wedding day coverage 

• Complimentary second photographer

• Images edited and delivered electronically

• Personal printing rights

• Online gallery + 6 months cloud storage


Package 2


• 7 hours of wedding day coverage

• Complimentary second photographer

• $400 Studio Credit or engagement session

• Images edited and delivered electronically

• Personal printing rights

• Online gallery + 1 year cloud storage


Package 3


• 9 hours of wedding day coverage

• Complimentary second photographer

• $1000 Studio Credit or engagement session

• Priority editing. Full gallery delivered in 7 days

• Images edited and delivered electronically

• Personal printing rights

• Online gallery + 1 year cloud storage

Why the heck is wedding photography so expensive?

Ok, I get it. You’re already paying tons of money for the other services for your wedding and it’s kind of shocking when you start adding it up. Most people look at photography as a per hour type of service and even if that’s the case, we put sometimes upwards of 20 hours into your wedding. Still, let’s say you spend $3,000 on a 7 hour wedding collection, that breaks down to $150/hour. What the…?! What am I, a lawyer? Nope. I’m a business owner with overhead costs.  A quick google search will reveal about thirty-hundred articles written by salty photographers defending their prices. I’m not one. What I will say is that I bring over 6 years of photography experience, nearly 20 years of customer service experience, and a big fat AWESOME attitude with me. Ok fine, the awesome attitude is free. But if you’ve ever bought something and then later thought, “Well, you get what you pay for” the same is true of wedding photography. I will BRING IT (it meaning all I’ve got. Every ounce of creativity, passion, and professionalism I have will be present). Pinky swear. 

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